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CARF 500x500 cr 


is an international, nonprofit accreditor of human service providers and networks. A provider earns accreditation by demonstrating conformance to CARF’s internationally recognized standards in areas that span the continuum of life. More than 8.7 million persons of all ages are served annually in CARF-accredited programs.

Contact:  Michael Johnson, Managing Director - Behavioral
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Health Information Technology
  Afia 500x500 cr  

Afia Health
are the behavioral health data experts.

Contact:  Matt Hoffman, Managing Partner
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Cantata 500x500 cr


Cantata Health Solutions delivers award-winning software for acute, post-acute, and behavioral health facilities purpose-built to improve the health of the facilities and their patients. Cantata Health’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), financial management, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software are configurable to meet the unique needs of each facility or system; provide staff and administrators with greater visibility to patient care across the continuum of care; ensure predictable financial outcomes; improve back-office operations; clinical efficiency; and revenue recovery.

  DATIS Continuum 500x500 cr  

ContinuumCloud offers a spectrum of cloud-based software solutions intentionally designed to meet the unique needs of the behavioral health and human services industry. These solutions include an EHR platform, powered by Welligent, and an HCM system, powered by DATIS HR Cloud. Through these offerings, ContinuumCloud empowers organizations to provide high-quality care and deliver on their mission.

  Eleos 500x500 cr   

Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drives better care. By digitizing conversations, we reduce documentation burdens while unlocking objective insights into evidence-based care and the therapeutic alliance. With Eleos CareOps Automation, community mental health and behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.

  FiveElementAnalytics 500x500 cr  

5e (Five Element) Analytics is a data science company that offers an easy-to-use visualization tool to BH providers. In addition to dashboards, 5e provides a comprehensive ETL process to ensure accurate and up-to-date data, and the ability to leverage data science expertise including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other predictive models.

Contact:  Rich Daly, Head of Sales & Marketing
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(412) 551-9438

  Genoa 500x500 cr   

Genoa Telepsychiatry - a part of Genoa Healthcare - is the nation's largest outpatient telepsychiatry provider, focused on increasing access to care for underserved populations. A partner to CMHCs, Genoa's team of 200+ psychiatrists and nurse practitioners in all 50 states support over 100,000 patients per year in underserved settings.

  iCentrixAnalytics 500x500 cr   

iCentrix Analytics partners with hundreds of behavioral health providers across the country, developing business intelligence dashboards that incorporate your data, from all your disparate sources, with iCentrix' standardized behavioral health, dashboard modules. 20+ years expertise in Population Health Care Coordination, Clinical Performance, Productivity Management, Outcomes Analysis, CCBHC Reporting, Financial Performance, Revenue Cycle Management, Cost of Service Analysis, and AR-GL Bridge.

Contact: Doug Philipon, VP
Pat Collopy, Director
(603) 893-3922 x704

  IrisTelehealth 500x500 cr  

Iris Telehealth is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services for community mental health centers, community health centers, hospitals, and health systems across the U.S. We strive to deliver clinically-sound and financially-sustainable telepsychiatry in order to help our partners meet their behavioral health goals and save their communities.

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(888) 285-2269


Lyssn 500x500 cr


Lyssn offers the only clinically-validated platform for assessing the use of evidence-based practices. Capabilities include training on EBPs such as MI and CBT, continuously monitoring use of EBPs in practice, and automated clinical notes. Rooted in 15 years of research, Lyssn's technology has been validated in over 50 peer-reviewed publications.

  Netsmart 500x500 cr  

Netsmart innovates EHR’s, solutions and services that are powerful and easy-to-use. Our platform provides accurate, updated information which is easily accessible to care team members. We make the complex simple and personalized so our clients can concentrate on what they do best: provide much needed services and treatment that support whole-person care.

  NextGenHealthcare 500x500 cr  

NextGen Healthcare integrates medical, dental, and behavioral health data into one record on a single platform for a comprehensive view of patient health, enabling a whole-health approach to care. Our solutions identify higher-risk patients for potential impact on quality and financial performance, simplify reporting, and enable practices to keep up with changes in regulations and compliance requirements. The results are better clinical outcomes, higher quality care, and improved clinician and patient satisfaction.


NextWavePerformance 500x500 cr


Next Wave Performance is uniquely qualified to assist your organization’s peak performance goals, with a focus on EHR utilization and staff development. EHR services we offer include selection assistance, implementation support, Performance ✔Assessments, optimization, and end-user adoption. Staff development services focus on fostering team, leadership and individual development. With 40+ combined years of experience both within and supporting Behavioral Health organizations, we truly understand what a day in the life looks like for an agency’s staff.

Contact:  Justin Kerner, Managing Partner
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(518) 810-9741

  OwlInsights 500x500 cr  

Owl gives behavioral health organizations better data, better insights, and better outcomes with its data-driven, evidence-based solutions. Leading organizations, including Polara Health, Aurora Mental Health Center, and Wellstone, rely on Owl to expand access to care, improve clinical outcomes, and prepare for value-based care. Owl makes measurement-based care easy to engage patients, optimize treatment, improve care, reduce clinician burden, and capture data to optimize business performance. For more information on our transformational behavioral health solutions, please visit our website.


PatagoniaHealth 500x500 cr


Patagonia Health is a healthcare supplier of a modern, cloud and apps-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software serving the Public Health Departments, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), and Community Health Centers (CHC), as well as Behavioral Health agencies and private practices. Our product is a federally certified, complete Electronic Health Records (EHR) Practice Management and billing software.


Pondurance 500x500 cr


Pondurance delivers world-class MDR services to industries facing today’s most pressing and dynamic cybersecurity challenges including ransomware, compliance requirements, and digital transformation. By combining our advanced platform with our experienced team of analysts, we continuously hunt, investigate, validate, and contain threats so your own team can focus on what matters most.

   PulseForGood 500x500 cr   

Pulse For Good specializes in helping organizations listen to their clients through satisfaction surveys delivered through physical kiosks and online. Pulse makes the difficult job of gathering feedback simple, from survey creation to data aggregation, giving organizations the data and the time to support what they do best: helping their clients.

  Qualifacts 500x500 cr   

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, human services and rehabilitative services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner customers with technology and services that enhance their ability to deliver quality care, exceptional outcomes and improve the lives of the individuals they serve.


Streamline Healthcare Solutions delivers web-based software that enables healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate all service delivery processes. SmartCare™, our web-based enterprise application, is built for the delivery, management and coordination of healthcare services of all types and is Meaningful Use certified Stage 2 (2014) for Ambulatory and Inpatient services.  

Housing / Facilities Management

CapGrow 500x500 cr


CapGrow Partners can help organizations provide safe and appropriate housing for the individuals they serve. By assuming all of the real estate-related responsibilities and financial risk associated with acquiring community-based homes, we enable organizations to focus greater time and energy on continuing to improve the lives of those they support.

  SciotoProperties 500x500 cr  

Since 1999, Scioto has been helping provider organizations of all sizes to acquire and manage their real estate needs. We are a national real estate company that is committed to developing and investing in quality housing and related healthcare facilities for people with disabilities and specialized needs.

Contact:  Rick Coley
(614) 889-5191
Insurance / Accounting / Banking / HR & Payroll / M & A Consulting / Legal / Reimbursement

AleraHealth 500x500 cr 


Alera Health specializes in building Integrated Systems of Care (ISOCs) designed to promote insight and communication between providers of primary, behavioral health, hospital, and social care services. Our population health management services and technology improve outcomes for everyone by identifying disease early, prioritizing care, and building trust.


BlueCoLLC 500x500 cr 


Blue & Co. is a top 60 accounting and consulting firm that specializes in healthcare organizations. We offer diverse solutions that increase operational and financial results through internal and external audit services, cybersecurity, reimbursement and revenue cycle services, as well as other services that address core issues in healthcare today.


Firsthand 500x500 cr


firsthand delivers peer-led, value-based care for individuals living with serious mental illness. We address chronic medical conditions and social determinants of health in addition to behavioral health. firsthand diagnoses undiagnosed conditions, assists in benefits enrollment, connects individuals to providers, and addresses relapse with ongoing engagement and re-engagement.


MHRRG provides affordable, reliable professional liability, general liability, and directors and officers liability coverage designed to provide protection for the unique risks behavioral health providers face, all with the added benefits of stabilized premiums and protection against arbitrary cancellation.

Contact:  Marilyn Udis, Vice President
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(800) 845-1209


MossAdams 500x500 cr


With more than 3,800 professionals across 30-plus locations in the West and beyond, Moss Adams provides the world’s most innovative companies with specialized accounting, consulting, and wealth management services to help them embrace emerging opportunity. We support over 3,700 health care organizations. Discover how Moss Adams brings more West to business.


Negley Associates is the leading underwriting management firm in the US, serving the insurance needs of behavioral healthcare agencies and related Social Services. We bring together the “best in class” industry experts and provide you a broad array of coverage options specifically designed for behavioral healthcare clients.

Contact:  Marilyn Udis, Vice President
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(800) 845-1209

  ZMarkHealth 500x500 cr   

ZMark Health provides innovative reimbursement solutions to support the unique needs of the clients we serve by striving to create a data-focused, collaborative and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and quality.

Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals
  Genoa 500x500 cr  

Dedicated to serving and celebrating people from all backgrounds, Genoa Healthcare has provided hands-on, personal pharmacy services within behavioral health clinics for over 20 years. Partnering directly with clinics and communities to meet consumers where they are, it becomes easier for them to get — and stay on — their medications. Today, Genoa Healthcare has more than 650 pharmacies located onsite within community mental health centers across 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Professional Development / Branding / Consultants / Executive Search
  CFHS 500x500 cr  

Consulting For Human Services (CFHS) specializes in management consulting for the behavioral health sector. Our subject matter experts provide CEOs and leadership teams with innovative strategies for sustainable growth, market landscape and national trends insights, board management, HR, operations, and recruiting support, fractional C Suite, and all phases of M&A.

  Incite 500x500 cr   

INCITE Consulting Solutions helps behavioral health organizations operate at peak performance by providing personalized services that include planning and implementing best practices in organizational health and strategic initiatives. We are passionate about creating joy and happiness among organizations and the families and patients they serve.


JeriDavisInternational 500x500 cr


JDI's Executive Search team works with behavioral health organizations to source the brightest and best executives who match your organization’s style and culture. We maintain long-lasting relationships with the top talent in the field, which results in an inside network that will give you the competitive recruiting edge every time. JDI's Custom Business Solutions Team helps behavioral health organizations grow from start-up through various expansion stages bringing a 360º perspective to every assignment. Our customized consulting teams include industry experts in financial, clinical, business development, marketing and/or operations systems and practices.



The Martyn Family Foundation is committed to using our resources to educate decision makers and influencers, raise awareness, and facilitate the connections and financial support that will encourage advancements and a higher quality of mental health care.

  TheMeyersGroup 500x500 cr  

The Meyers Group is dedicated to meeting all your staffing needs, whether permanent, temporary or contract. We are considered by many to be the premier national search firm in our respective industries given our extensive experience as leaders in our own fields and seventeen year track record of bringing "Impact Players" to our clients as recruiters & executive search consultants. Our senior staff members are also industry consultants for organizations developing Succession Planning programs for top executives.

Contact:  Stuart I. Meyers MBA EdD, President
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Training / Resource Access

TalkableCommunities 500x500 cr


Talkable Communities is a collaboration of 5 nonprofit organizations (Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare, EPIC Behavioral Healthcare, Gateway - Steps to Recovery, Clay Behavioral Health Center, and Child Guidance Center). The project advances mental well-being for children and families across 6 counties in Northeast Florida (Nassau, Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Putnam, and Flagler) by providing free and accessible mental health resources and training courses (Youth Mental Health First Aid, Question. Persuade. Refer, and It's Time to Talk about it!).


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