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Health Information Technology


Cantata Health Solutions delivers award-winning software for acute, post-acute, and behavioral health facilities purpose-built to improve the health of the facilities and their patients. Cantata Health’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), financial management, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) software are configurable to meet the unique needs of each facility or system; provide staff and administrators with greater visibility to patient care across the continuum of care; ensure predictable financial outcomes; improve back-office operations; clinical efficiency; and revenue recovery.




Compliatric revolutionizes Behavioral Health compliance, risk, and administrative management with their enterprise-grade system. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions since 2007, our 20+ customizable modules support regulatory compliance (CMS/OIG, HIPAA, CCBHC, etc.), delivering operational excellence, cost savings, and efficiency. Modules include Incident Management, Employee Training, Risk Registry, and more.



ContinuumCloud offers a spectrum of cloud-based software solutions intentionally designed to meet the unique needs of the behavioral health and human services industry. These solutions include an EHR platform, powered by Welligent, and an HCM system, powered by DATIS HR Cloud. Through these offerings, ContinuumCloud empowers organizations to provide high-quality care and deliver on their mission.



Eleos Health turns behavioral health conversations into documentation and intelligence that drives better care. By digitizing conversations, we reduce documentation burdens while unlocking objective insights into evidence-based care and the therapeutic alliance. With Eleos CareOps Automation, community mental health and behavioral health providers are setting a new standard for care.



iCentrix Analytics is the leader in Business Intelligence Analytic Solutions for Behavioral Health provider organizations across the US. Having more than 20 years’ experience, their analytics solutions are being used to help manage clinical performance, revenue stream, and outcomes, and have become the basis for data driven management in behavioral health.


Contact: Doug Philipon, VP
Pat Collopy, Director
(603) 893-3922 x704


Iris Telehealth is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services for community mental health centers, community health centers, hospitals, and health systems across the U.S. We strive to deliver clinically-sound and financially-sustainable telepsychiatry in order to help our partners meet their behavioral health goals and save their communities.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(888) 285-2269


Limbic is AI that enables mental health providers to reach more patients with higher quality care at lower costs. Used by over 250,000 patients to date, our AI tools support patient intake and assessments, diagnostic decision-making, and patient engagement between therapy sessions.




Mend offers Behavioral and Mental Healthcare providers a suite of tools, including digital patient engagement & intake, telehealth, hybrid care, payments, and more in an effort to unlock access to high quality care for patients everywhere.



Netsmart innovates EHR’s, solutions and services that are powerful and easy-to-use. Our platform provides accurate, updated information which is easily accessible to care team members. We make the complex simple and personalized so our clients can concentrate on what they do best: provide much needed services and treatment that support whole-person care.



NextGen Healthcare integrates medical, dental, and behavioral health data into one record on a single platform for a comprehensive view of patient health, enabling a whole-health approach to care. Our solutions identify higher-risk patients for potential impact on quality and financial performance, simplify reporting, and enable practices to keep up with changes in regulations and compliance requirements. The results are better clinical outcomes, higher quality care, and improved clinician and patient satisfaction.




ObservSMART is a patient safety solution that ensures staff-to-patient proximity for rounding and 1:1’s. Utilized in behavioral health, substance recovery, residential and detox settings to improve quality of care and compliance. Enhance staff workflow and communication with alerts, helping to reduce risk and costs related to sentinel and non-sentinel events.



Owl gives behavioral health organizations better data, better insights, and better outcomes with its data-driven, evidence-based solutions. Leading organizations, including Polara Health, Aurora Mental Health Center, and Wellstone, rely on Owl to expand access to care, improve clinical outcomes, and prepare for value-based care. Owl makes measurement-based care easy to engage patients, optimize treatment, improve care, reduce clinician burden, and capture data to optimize business performance. For more information on our transformational behavioral health solutions, please visit our website.



Pulse For Good specializes in helping organizations listen to their clients through satisfaction surveys delivered through physical kiosks and online. Pulse makes the difficult job of gathering feedback simple, from survey creation to data aggregation, giving organizations the data and the time to support what they do best: helping their clients.



Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, human services and rehabilitative services EHR vendors in the country. Its mission is to partner customers with technology and services that enhance their ability to deliver quality care, exceptional outcomes and improve the lives of the individuals they serve.



SimiTree is dedicated to supporting our clients in providing patient-centered behavioral healthcare. Our suite of tech-enabled business solutions ranges from RCM services; data analytics; clinical, financial, EHR, and IT consulting; executive placement, interim leadership, and other talent solutions; and merger and acquisition support.



Streamline Healthcare Solutions delivers web-based software that enables healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate all service delivery processes. SmartCare™, our web-based enterprise application, is built for the delivery, management and coordination of healthcare services of all types and is Meaningful Use certified Stage 2 (2014) for Ambulatory and Inpatient services.


Housing / Facilities Management
Insurance / Accounting / Banking / HR & Payroll / M & A Consulting / Legal / Reimbursement

MHRRG provides affordable, reliable professional liability, general liability, and directors and officers liability coverage designed to provide protection for the unique risks behavioral health providers face, all with the added benefits of stabilized premiums and protection against arbitrary cancellation.


Contact:  Susan J. Cohen MSW, Executive Vice President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(862) 286-3514


Negley Associates is the leading underwriting management firm in the US, serving the insurance needs of behavioral healthcare agencies and related Social Services. We bring together the “best in class” industry experts and provide you a broad array of coverage options specifically designed for behavioral healthcare clients.


Contact:  Susan J. Cohen MSW, Executive Vice President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(862) 286-3514


ZMark Health provides innovative reimbursement solutions to support the unique needs of the clients we serve by striving to create a data-focused, collaborative and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and quality.


Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals

Dedicated to serving and celebrating people from all backgrounds, Genoa Healthcare has provided hands-on, personal pharmacy services within behavioral health clinics for over 20 years. Partnering directly with clinics and communities to meet consumers where they are, it becomes easier for them to get — and stay on — their medications. Today, Genoa Healthcare has more than 650 pharmacies located onsite within community mental health centers across 47 states and the District of Columbia.



Johnson & Johnson - Patients inform and inspire our science-based innovations, which continue to change and save lives. Applying rigorous science and compassion, we confidently address some of the most complex diseases of our time and unlock the potential medicines of tomorrow. Our diverse portfolio spans multiple therapeutic areas - Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Retina.

We are continuously working to develop treatments, aspiring to find cures, pioneering the path from lab to life, and championing patients every step of the way. We innovate with purpose to lead where medicine is going.


Professional Development / Branding / Consultants / Executive Search


The Martyn Family Foundation is committed to using our resources to educate decision makers and influencers, raise awareness, and facilitate the connections and financial support that will encourage advancements and a higher quality of mental health care.



The Meyers Group is dedicated to meeting all your staffing needs, whether permanent, temporary or contract. We are considered by many to be the premier national search firm in our respective industries given our extensive experience as leaders in our own fields and seventeen year track record of bringing "Impact Players" to our clients as recruiters & executive search consultants. Our senior staff members are also industry consultants for organizations developing Succession Planning programs for top executives.


Contact:  Stuart I. Meyers MBA EdD, President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Training / Resource Access

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