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BatesKen 2016 FromTheirSite

Bates, Ken
Open Sky Community Services



1. Size: $83M

2. Vision: Creating partnerships and networks to expand mission.

3. Prioitiy service areas/initiatives: Moving to a value-based system.

1. Merger ≠ Founder Transition

2. Medicaid ACO start-up

3. Building partnerships/network

Family time, travel, athletics

10% Medicaid

80% State

10% Private pay/ insurance

Offers expertise in: Managed care and ACOs, some at-risk contracting

BatesKen 2016 FromTheirSite

Cunningham, Amanda

CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness



1. Service Area: rural/frontier

2. Size: $8.3M/150 FTEs

3. Priority service areas/initiatives: community-based services.

1. Adequate technology to rural offices

2. Obtain/keep QMHPs, APRN, Dr level staff

3. Develop a good cash flow analysis and effective business practice

Sports (running, basketball, volleyball, hiking, skiing), animals and reading

65.1% Medicaid

15.5% State

7.4% Private pay/insurance


BatesKen 2016 FromTheirSite

Freese-Klepper, Sharon

Truman Medical Centers


1. Priority service areas/initiatives: CMH, inpatient psych, part of larger medical system, housing, employment, SoDH

2. Vision:providing the highest-quality care for those most in  need

3. Service area: Urban

1. Workforce shortage

2. Initiating new service lines: ECT/TMS

3. Budget gap

Exercise bootcamps/running, reading and playing with our dog

49% Medicaid

13% State

38% Private pay/insurance

Organizations that are part of larger health systems and offer inpatient and outpatient services 

DavisCJ 2018

Hampton, Angie

Egyptian Health Departmen



1. Priority service areas/initiatives

2. Size: $9M

1. Integrated Health Homes

2. VBP Contract Negotiations

3. Leadership/Mgmt Structure

Traveling, social events, shopping

40% Medicaid

40% State

20% Private pay/insurance

Offers expertise in: Systems Change, Substance Abuse Programming, Public Health, Collaboratives, EBPs

3778 Pagel, Laureen

Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare

FL Yes

1. Similar Size: $4M

2. Service Area: Rural

3. Priority service areas/initiatives: MH, SUD, Outpatient only

1. Onboarding and training new employees, merging with a larger organization, leadership development for middle managers

Travel, shopping, time with friends

35% Medicaid

50% state

15% private pay/insurance

Offers expertise in: Managed care (public and private).

Medicaid, Open Access and Care Coordination.


Sheets, Steven

Soutwest Behavioral Health 


1. Size: $80M

2. Priority service areas/initiatives: Outpatient, Primary Care, Methadone, Inpatient, Residential, School-based Services

3. Service Area: Mixed

1. Grow primary care

2. Rebrand

3. Reduce risk in capitated payment model

Going to the gym, running, finding new places to eat

95% Medicaid

0% State funding

5% Private pay/insurance


Stride, Richard

Cascade Mental Health Care

 WA No

1. Similar Service Type (Rural)

2. Similar vision 

3. Size: $17M

1. Strategic Alliances

2. Dealing with MCOs

3. Staying competitive

American history, coin collecting, music (guitar) 

65% Medicaid

30% state

5% private pay/insurance

Has experience with both public and private managed care 

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