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Agenda for 2021 Charleston, SC

Preliminary Program – Subject to Change – Check Back for Additional Information and Updates
2021 Spring Conference
Sponsors & Exhibitors
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Afia Health Orientation Lunch Sponsor www.afiahealth.com
Array Behavioral Care Exhibitor www.arraybc.com
DATIS Exhibitor www.datis.com
Genoa Healthcare Wednesday Reception & Dinner Sponsor & Exhibitor
Genoa Telepsychiatry Exhibitor www.genoatelepsychiatry.com
iCentrix Analytics Exhibitor www.icentrixanalytics.com
Iris Telehealth Exhibitor www.iristelehealth.com
Jeri Davis International Take Note! Sponsor www.jeridavis.com
Martyn Family Foundation Education Sponsor www.martynfoundation.org
Matrix Capital Markets Group Wednesday Afternoon Break Sponsor www.matrixcmg.com
MHRRG / Negley Associates Exhibitor www.mhrrg.com | www.jjnegley.com
Netsmart Innovation Expo Sponsor & Exhibitor www.ntst.com
NextGen Healthcare  
Thursday Continental Breakfast Sponsor
Qualifacts + Credible
Conference App & Charging Stations Sponsor & Exhibitor www.qualifacts.com | www.credible.com
Secure Telehealth  Exhibitor www.securetelehealth.com
Streamline Healthcare Solutions Wednesday Continental Breakfast Sponsor www.streamlinehealthcare.com
Triple Aim Partners  Exhibitor www.tripleaim.com

VirtualSession red 150x150  IMPORTANT NOTICE:    Hybrid / Virtual Conference  
Due to COVID-19 and the probability that many Members won't be able to join us at the Conference venue, some sessions will be available virtually via livestream.
These sessions are denoted by the green icon at the right  >>>>>>>>
Connection information will be made available to registrants at a later date.
When registering for the Conference, please mark either "Attending In-Person" or "Attending Virtually".

 IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT:    At CHECK-IN, In-Person participants staying at the Charleston Place are required to turn in the following Health & Safety Form containing personal health information related to COVID.  For your convenience, we suggest that you print it off, complete it, and have it ready to hand to the hotel's registration desk agent.

Tuesday, May 11

 1:30 - 4:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Innovation Incubator
Sponsored by:  Netsmart  

VirtualSession red 150x150 Giving Life To An Idea

Presented by: Mental Health Center of Denver President & CEO Carl Clark, VP & CIO Wes Williams PhD, and Director of Innovation Alires J. Almon MA

You can engineer innovation anywhere, just start with the ideas that already exist in your organization. The key to success is ensuring your innovation can weather the journey from idea to launch and scale by establishing the right culture and processes. Get practical real-life examples.

We will explore the six elements necessary for an organization to create an innovation culture. We will create groups of five and you will participate in a design dash. This is a process based on human centered design and includes simple things you can do to get robust solutions. The theme of the design activities is to address access to behavioral health care. Great ideas addressing access to care will come from this group that you can take back to your organizations. We will end with our Innovation Engine model which is a framework for decision making in other words when do you keep an innovation going and when do you end an endeavor.

 5:00 - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Welcome Reception
 Sponsorship Available!

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Wednesday, May 12 

 7:30 - 8:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by:  Streamline Healthcare Solutions

 8:30 - 10:00 am EST (UTC-5)

 Welcome & General Session
 Sponsored by:  Martyn Family Foundation

VirtualSession red 150x150Evidence-Based Leadership

Presented by Huron Consulting Group Managing Director of Thought Leadership Craig Deao

What do high performing healthcare organizations have in common? A systematic approach to leadership that aligns goals, behaviors and processes called Evidence-Based Leadership. Learn from 20 years of research and field experience from leaders focused on creating cultures where employees want to work, clinicians want to practice, and patients want to receive care. Special emphasis will be placed on practical actions the mhca leaders can put into place when they return home.

 10:00 - 10:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Morning Break

 10:30 am - Noon EST (UTC-5)

 General Session
 Sponsored by:  Martyn Family Foundation

VirtualSession red 150x150 Modern Minds - Defining Exceptional Care

Presented by: Charleston-based Modern Minds’ Executive Director Dr. Anne Marie Albano, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin M. Gray, and Director of Synchronicity Brian Durbin

Hear a brief review of the outcome literature for anxiety and depression in adults, barriers to care, maintenance of response, and the conceptual model of Modern Minds in addressing the current gaps in the systems of care through our integrated and novel methodological approach that incorporates wellness mentors, wellness integration and movement as key components.

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Grab Lunch with a Few of Your mhca Peers

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Orientation Lunch for New & Prospective mhca Member CEOs (invitation only)
 Sponsored by:  Afia Health

 1:30 - 3:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 General Session

VirtualSession red 150x150Creating A Resilient Culture Through Evidence-Based Leadership

Presented by: AllHealth Network President & CEO William Henricks, Chief Operations & Chief Clinical Officer Cynthia Grant, and Director of Human Resources Beth Nixon

During these times of unprecedented change and challenge, organizational success and sustainability will be determined by organizational resilience – the capacity to quickly adapt to new business conditions and re-establish sustainable and, perhaps even superior, levels of performance. This session, a case study that builds on the morning keynote from Craig Deao, will illustrate how AllHealth Network utilized principles of Evidence-Based Leadership to transform the company’s culture and “hardwire” organizational resilience into the organization. Since implementing Evidence-Based Leadership two years ago, AllHealth Network has achieved significant success in employee turnover, improved revenue, and organization alignment and accountability which led to being recognized by the Denver Post as a Top Workplace for two consecutive years.

 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Afternoon Break
 Sponsored by:  Matrix Capital Markets Group

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Breakout Sessions

Beyond Covid-19: How To Build A Sustainable Telehealth Program

Presented by: Iris Telehealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Milam

Clinics and hospitals have been forced to quickly adapt to telehealth through the pandemic. While the opportunity to expand services has allowed more patients to be seen, it can be difficult to develop a long-term plan for once the pandemic ends. In this session, we will discuss the rapid shift to telehealth, recent legislation/policy updates and predictions for the future, and strategies for building a scalable and sustainable telehealth program to expand your organization’s reach.

VirtualSession red 150x150Organizing The Healthcare Delivery System By Developing Platforms

Presented by: Health Management Associates Principal Joshua Rubin

A fragmented medical care delivery system needs to integrate with a disjointed behavioral health delivery system and a divided social services system. To make order out of the chaos, platforms of different kinds are being developed to organize providers, develop infrastructure, shepherd referrals, and manage risk. As these platforms are being developed, there are great opportunities and terrible risks for providers. Join us for a conversation about what types of platforms are being developed, how they might reshape the delivery system, and how providers like you can plan accordingly.

 5:00 - 8:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Reception & Dinner 
 Sponsored by:  Genoa Healthcare

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for a casual reception.

Thursday, May 13

 7:30 - 8:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by:  NextGen Healthcare

 8:30 - 10:00 am EST (UTC-5)

 General Session
 Sponsored by:  Martyn Family Foundation

VirtualSession red 150x150 Now What ?!?!

Presented by: Health Management Associates Principal Joshua Rubin & Managing Partner Matt Powers

At this point, the only predictable thing is unpredictability. What happens when a surge in behavioral health demand collides with a devastated economy and a political world in chaos? As America adjusts to a new normal and a new set of political realities, behavioral healthcare providers will need to find new strategies and different revenue models. Join this discussion of pandemic-era policy responses - both underway and anticipated - and their impact on the operating environment for providers.

 10:00 - 10:30 am EST (UTC-5)

 Morning Break
Sponsorship Available!

 10:30 am - Noon EST (UTC-5)

 General Session
 Sponsored by: Martyn Family Foundation 

VirtualSession red 150x150 Divert To What? Effective Criminal Justice Diversion Through Innovation & Collaboration

Presented by: The Harris Center for Mental Health & IDD CEO Wayne Young and COO Keena Pace

There is a lot of discussion about shifting away from law enforcement strategies to address community needs and challenges related to mental health, substance use disorders, and homelessness. Over the past three decades, The Harris Center has built numerous innovative programs to reduce the footprint of the criminal justice system in the lives of those we serve. As a result, we have a robust continuum of services designed to address diversion or support progression through every point of the criminal justice process. In this session, we will talk about the collaborative programs, current innovations driving our strategic focus, and the key learnings we have collected over years of collaboration and community problem solving.

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Grab Lunch with a Few of Your mhca Peers

 Noon - 1:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Virtual Networking Breakout

VirtualSession red 150x150For Virtual Participants

Virtual Participants are invited to join in the conversation via Zoom!  Attendees can engage other remote participants in a breakout session for a lively and informative discussion, similar to one of our open Coffee Breaks.

 1:30 - 3 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Innovation Expo

VirtualSession red 150x150 Innovation Expo

Presented by: Southwest Behavioral & Health Services President & CEO Steven Sheets and Chief Operating Officer Dominic Miller; West Yavapai Guidance Clinic CEO Tamara Player and Chief Quality Officer Alisa Montgomery; Chestnut Health Systems VP of Strategy and Innovation Orville Mercer, Clinical Director Carrie Hilling, and Clinical Director Bob McCullough of SilverCloud Health; and Mental Health Partners Co-CEOs Jennifer Leosz & Dixie Casford

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your peers! Several mhca members will provide mini-presentations on their innovative efforts followed by time for audience questions.

  1. Jennifer Leosz & Dixie Casford
    Peas in a Pod? Or Biscuits and Gravy?  Our journey of a shared leadership model. Why would one choose a Co-CEO model? Foundational principles and our lessons learned thus far.
  2. Tamara Player & Alisa Montgomery
    Using Cognitive Function Development Therapy, a Researched Based Intervention, to Build Neuropathways in the Brain. Clients receiving CFDT experience notable reduction in their mental health symptoms, may be able to reduce or terminate medication use, and enjoy improved quality of life.
  3. Steven Sheets and Dominic Miller
    Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiencies and Improve Outcomes.  Utilization of new mobile device app, AxiaGram, to reduce administrative burdens, enhance member satisfaction, and provide seamless remote access to care.
  4. Orville Mercer, Carrie Hilling and Bob McCullough
    Clinical Strategies in a Digital Age. Digital healthcare treatment continues to expand greatly due to several reasons but maintaining a human connection remains key to engagement. This session will describe how one digital company partnered with a community health center to provide expert coaching that supports individuals in digital mental health programs

 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Afternoon Break
Sponsorship Available!

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 mhca Board of Directors Meeting
 Chair: Dennis Regnier

 3:30 - 5:00 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Connect with Your Peers

Free Time

Time to connect with your mhca peers is the most valuable benefit of attending our conferences - take this time to gather with your friends old and new for some relaxation and conversation.

 5:00 - 6:30 pm EST (UTC-5)

 Closing Reception
 Sponsorship Available!    

All attendees and their travel companions are invited to join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

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