Position ID: 454

Date posted: 07-05-2022 

 Position: EHR System Administrator
 Salary: $70,000
Marilyn Wyman
Director, Business Operations

Community Healthcore
107 Woodbine Place
Longview TX  75601


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EHR System Administrator


Responsible for oversight of development and maintenance of Community Healthcore’s Credible Electronic Health Record (EHR), oversees and/or provides initial and on-going EHR user training and serves as coordinator/liaison with the vendor (Qualifacts) for EHR support issues. Monitors user proficiency and identifies system wide, as well as, user specific training needs.  Responsible for review and testing of EHR vendor releases and applications, as well as EHR table set-up and management.  Participates in internal and external data integrity and management reviews.  Gathers and compiles data needed to identify trends and patterns.  Experience working with EHRs with relational interoperable tables.

  • Knowledge of Credible EHR system is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Products (ex: Word, Excel, Outlook and SQL Databases).
  • Experience using Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve software issues.
  • Ability to communicate well (verbally and in writing) with vendor, Center clinical services, and Center administrative staff.
  • Able to work in a Center-wide Help Desk environment to support end users  

Remote work a possibility for the preferred experience.

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