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Tuesday, February 16

1:00 - 5:00 pm


Innovation Incubator

More payers are moving from fee-for-service reimbursement to a pay-for-value business model - a significant change which impacts payers, health plans, and provider organizations alike.  During this Innovation Incubator session, OPEN MINDS CEO Monica E. Oss will provide an update on the move to value-based purchasing across the health and human service field, and four executives - payer executives with pay-for-performance initiatives and provider executives who are making these initiatives work for them - will provide their perspectives on the challenges of the evolving value-based purchasing business model and the opportunities for gaining market share through success with these initiatives.

  5:00 - 6:30  pm


Welcome Reception

Enjoy this casual first evening get together - a chance to meet new colleagues and  visit with long time friends.

Wednesday, February 17


7:30 am

  Registration and Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by Valant

8:30 am



Welcome and Annual Meeting

Inman White, mhca Board Chair
Dale Shreve, mhca President and CEO

General Session
9:30 - 10:30  am




Losing Tim:
Why Working B4Stage4 Is How We’ll Change Minds and Find Him Again

Presenter:   Paul Gionfriddo, CEO, Mental Health America

Tim Gionfriddo is one of the 6% - those with serious and persistent mental illnesses.  They are frequently lost to our system of care and when they are not, they are often trapped in a stagnant cycle of recidivism that too frequently leads to tragic outcomes and early death. Tim’s symptoms, like those of most people with serious mental illnesses, emerged during childhood and led him down a pathway to hospitalization, incarceration, and homelessness.  Paul Gionfriddo will discuss how this sequence of events unfolded for his son and how it unfolds for so many like him.  He will describe the public policies that got us where we are today and how they need to be changed.  Finally, he will discuss how Mental Health America’s B4Stage4 initiatives can be used by providers and advocates together to employ earlier and more effective interventions, to promote recovery as we do with every other chronic disease, and to change the trajectories of lives like Tim’s for the better.

10:30  am


General Session10:45 am - Noon



Meridian Health Services and the FQHC Journey

Presenters:  Hank Milius, CEO; Kirk Shafer, CFO/CAO; Amelia Clark, VP Community Health, Meridian Health Services

Meridian will describe their experience of becoming Indiana’s first CMHC to become a Federally Qualified Health Center and how they now consider primary care (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN) as a core essential service within their behavioral health system.  Hear about their cultural transitions, financial implications and strategic direction given emerging trends within the health care industry.

Noon - 1:30 pm

  • Orientation Luncheon (by invitation)

  • Lunch on Your Own

1:30 - 3:00 pm

  • Increasing Paying Admissions from Primary Care, ACO, Hospital and Health Plans

    Facilitator:  Mary Ruiz, Chief Strategy Officer of Centerstone America and CEO, Centerstone of Florida

    If your goal is to increase private pay referrals and admissions from primary care,  accountable care, hospitals and health plans year after year, this fast moving session offers a business-disciplined approach to success.  The session will challenge you to do business planning in a new way for market position and competitive advantage.  You will finish this session with a step by step plan to building an affordable infrastructure for referral development.

  • So You Are Considering Hospital/Healthcare System Affiliation

    Presenters:  Dale Klatzker, PhD, CEO, The Providence Center, and John
    Sheehan, CEO, Harbor

    An overview of healthcare affiliation efforts/status with Q&A/dialogue…Who else has/is working on an affiliation?  What are your strategic goals and what shape of affiliation are you exploring? What have you identified as challenges and how have you worked to address these?  How have you addressed the cultural issues? If you have not engaged yet in affiliation discussions but think it’s something you want to pursue, what should you do to get started? Learn from others who are on this same path and identify how mhca might assist members in this process.

3:00 pm


3:15 - 4:45 pm

  • There is No Place Like Health Home

    Panelists: David Johnson, MS, CEO, The Bert Nash Center; Randy Callstrom, President & CEO, Wyandot, Inc.; Walter Hill, CEO, High Plains Mental Health Center; Jessie Kaye, MBA, CFRE, President & CEO, Prairie View; and Brenda Mills, CEO, Family Service & Guidance Center, Inc.
  • ViewPoint

    Facilitator:  Dale Shreve, mhca CEO 

    Cited as a top mhca benefit is the opportunity to network/learn from your peers.  This session will you better identify areas of common interest with colleagues.

5:00 - 8:00 pm

  Reception and Sunset Beach Banquet
Host: Genoa - a QoL Healthcare Company

Thursday, February 18


7:30 am

  Continental Breakfast

  8:30 - 8:45 am

   Customer Satisfaction Management System
 Best Practice Awards

General Session
8:45 - 10:15 am

  Uncaged Innovation -  Free Each Generation to Produce Ideas that Get Results

Presenter:  Amy Lynch, President, Generational Edge 

As leaders in a fast-changing industry, we need employees of every generation - from Millennials to Silents - to produce solutions that make outcomes, services and processes better.  In this keynote we’ll explore how each generation innovates and the critical conditions that free them to step up, take risks and create value.

10:15 am



General Session
10:30 - Noon


Utilizing Integrated Pharmacy Services to Reduce Hospitalizations
and ED Visits

Presenters:  Mark Peterson, RPh, EVP Strategy and Corporate Development, and Melissa Odorzynski, PharmD, MPH, VP Marketing and Strategy – Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company; Carol Clayton, PhD, CEO – Care Management Technologies

Providers are increasingly being measured on hospitalization and re-admission rates, which represent significant costs to payers and the health system. Listen to this discussion of a recent study that suggests integrated pharmacy services in behavioral health centers that improve medication adherence can have a positive impact on the rates of behavioral health-related hospitalizations and emergency department visits, and how tools can be applied in your setting.

  12 Noon-1:30 pm
  • mhca Executive and Investment Committees (appointees only)

  • Lunch on Your Own

1:30 - 3:00 pm

  • No, You Don’t Need a Passport to Enter Alaska from The Lower 48, and Yes, We Use US Currency” – An Update from The Great Land

    Presenter:  Jerry Jenkins, CEO, Anchorage CMHS

    No, you can’t see Russia from most of Alaska but you can find the application of cutting edge technologies and approaches to address behavioral health care needs. Such applications are necessary due to the size, distances, multiple environments and complexities of living in the 49th State.
  • Gen-Savvy Marketing and Fundraising
    Presenter:  Amy Lynch, President, Generational Edge 

    Reaching multiple generations with your message or your ask is complex. An approach that appeals to one generation can completely turn off another. This session helps you adapt your message, your tone and even your timing so that each generation hears you and responds.

3:00 pm

Sponsored by CARF International

3:15 - 4:45 pm

  • Managing your Organization’s Reputation on Social Media

    Presenter:  mhca Marketing and Fund Development Chairman, Nelson Burns, CEO, Coleman Professional Services
  • An Organizational Perspective on Recovery Housing Residence

    Presenters: Zepf Center CEO Jen Moses, Manager of Recovery Housing Sherri Walker, and Recovery Housing Coordinator Jessica Lajiness

    To build or not to build? The complexities of establishing, owning and operating a Recovery Housing Residence (RHR) are as many as the benefits to the residents of having a safe and sober living environment. Although complex, there are many reasons for an organization to take on such a challenge. This presentation will review the challenges and benefits an organization may encounter while establishing and operating a RHR. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits to the residents and community; and finally, we'll share lessons learned from a RHR after its first year in operation.


5:00 - 6:30 pm

 Hosts:  MHRRG and Negley Associates

Friday, February 19


8:00 - 10:00 am

    mhca Board of Directors Meeting
Chair: Inman White

  10:00 am-
3:00 pm

    MHRRG Annual Shareholders Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting
Chair: Maggie Labarta, PhD

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