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Agenda for 2018 Savannah, GA

Preliminary Program – Subject to Change – Check Back for Additional Information and Updates

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Tuesday, May 15

1:30 - 5 pm

 Innovation Incubator

The Innovation Circle 

Presenter: Healthcare Consultant and Innovation 360 Practitioner Susan Wright

Join us for an energizing, interactive session that will review the InnoSurvey and discuss how to apply your unique survey results to set priorities and become more innovative. You'll leave with insightful recommendations that will help you align strategy, leadership, culture and capabilities to expand market share and increase profitability.

5 - 6:30 pm

 Welcome Reception
 Sponsored by: Valant

Wednesday, May 16

7:30 am

 Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 10 am  Welcome & General Session

The Future Begins Now

Presenters: The Future Hunters EVP & COO Erica Orange and EVP & CSO Jared Weiner

While change is a constant, the story today is about the pace of change, which is rapidly speeding up and causing major disruptions to happen faster than ever before. The Future Hunters will put these changes within a broader context and discuss several emerging trends that are revolutionizing the future. Using macro technological, sociocultural, and economic trends as a catalyst, they will talk about how the major growth areas of The Metaspace Economy® will uncover both the short- and long-term future opportunities of tomorrow, and how all will transform the current landscape as we know it.

10 am

 Morning Break

10:30 - Noon
 General Session (continued)

Keeping Patients Safe - Hiring and Supervising Employees & Professional Boundaries

Presenter: Attorney Ron Zimmet

The most frequent claims made against behavioral healthcare providers are sexual misconduct claims accusing employers of negligent hiring and supervision of their employees and a variety of boundary violations. Protect your patients and your organization’s reputation – join us for a discussion of effective hiring practices and how to approach reluctant references, the warning signs of possible boundary violations and how to respond to them, the types of patients most likely to be re-victimized and supervision strategies to keep patients safe, and how to design a comprehensive professional boundary policy.

Noon - 1:30 pm

 Lunch On Your Own
 Orientation Luncheon
(invitation only)
 Sponsored by:  Streamline Healthcare Solutions


 1:30 - 3 pm

 Breakout Sessions

Envisioning the Future

Presenters: The Future Hunters EVP & COO Erica Orange and EVP & CSO Jared Weiner

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to understanding the future is getting to true objectivity. So often our vision of the future is clouded by our own value judgements and ways of viewing the world. This session will “untrap” participants’ minds through a series of exercises, called “Thinking Technologies.” Small group brainstorming breakouts will help each team uncover future opportunities and unearth new ideas.

From Red to Black - Righting the Behavioral Health Ship

Presenters: Gateway Behavioral Health Services CEO Mark Johnson, Director of HR Heather Ott, Director of IDD Rufus Johnson and Arudia CEO Anne Collier

Culture is the sum total of how people in an organization collaborate, communicate and provide services. Come hear how executives at Gateway Behavioral Health Services improved their bottom line by changing their organization’s culture. Learn how their strategy, methods and lessons learned can be applied in your organization to improve key metrics, financial outcomes and long-term viability.

 3 pm

 Afternoon Break

 3:30 - 5 pm

 Breakout Sessions

Collaborating with State Lawmakers: How to Impact Policy and Funding Decisions and Address Community Needs 

Presenter: Highland Rivers Health CEO Melanie Dallas

Your state lawmakers are critical to the expansion and funding for behavioral health services.  Find out how one agency in Georgia has successfully worked with state legislators to impact community-level needs.  Come ready with questions and an interest in discussing strategies to help create more awareness around mental health needs and to set your agency apart from others.

Best Practices in Integrating Pharmacy & Telepsychiatry

Presented by: Coleman Professional Services CEO Nelson Burns, LifeWorks NW CEO Mary Monnat, American Work COO Patrick Waters, and Genoa Healthcare's General Manager of Telepsychiatry Samir Malik

Access to behavioral healthcare and improved medication adherence are critical to achieving better clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Learn how your mhca peers are overcoming financial and operational challenges to successfully implement an integrated pharmacy and telepsychiatry model to drive more affordable, accessible and effective care. Their insights and lessons learned can help you take integration to the next level in your own organization.

5:30 - 8:30 pm

  Reception & Banquet
 Sponsored by: Genoa Healthcare 

Thursday, May 17

 7:30 am - 8:30 am

 Registration & Continental Breakfast

 8:30 - 10 am

 General Session

Why Traditional Performance Appraisals Don’t Work and Can’t Be Fixed

Presenter: Energage Sr. VP/Partner Garold Markle

Traditional performance appraisals that use numerical ratings and employee rankings typically result in frustration and fear, which kills collaboration, innovation and growth. If you’re tired of losing good employees and valuable clients, take a closer look at your performance evaluation strategy and consider an alternative that is better – not just different.

 10 am

 Morning Break

 10:30 am - Noon

 General Session (continues)

Creating Growth and Resilience in a World of Adaptive Challenges

Presenter: Dialog CEO Mark Thompson

What does the healthcare ecosystem of the future look like? Can you use the principles of network science to drive innovation, garner resources and create resilience for your patients, caregivers and community? Through case studies, Mark will address these other questions pertinent to surviving and thriving in a world of adaptive challenges.

 Noon - 1:30 pm

 Lunch on Your Own

 1:30 - 3 pm

 Breakout Sessions

Catalytic Coaching - A Proven Replacement System for Performance Management

Presenter: Energage Sr. VP/Partner Gary Markle

Is Catalytic Coaching the answer to your performance management challenges? Join us for this interactive workshop that will provide leaders with a clear understanding of how they can implement Catalytic Coaching in their organizations.

Innovating to Improve Access & Workflow: VPAC's Diagnostic Assessment

Presented by: VPAC CEO Paul Harris and Strategic Advisor Nick Gaudiosi, Raiven Health board Chair David Young, Business of Healthcare Founder Matthew Hanis (tentative)

Virtual Psych Assessment Center (VPAC) improves behavioral health patient access and workflow efficiencies by giving providers patient-generated data and recommended diagnoses for consideration before the patient shows up for their appointment. This presentation will explore VPAC’s innovation journey, current barriers and opportunities faced by a health tech start-up, and the conflicting payer and provider economic incentives. Three attending organizations will be selected for a free 90-day patient pilot. At the end of each pilot, VPAC will provide a results report to be used to show payers the improved access value.

 3 pm

 Afternoon Break

 3:30 - 5 pm

 mhca Board of Directors Meeting
 Chair: Rick Doucet MA

 5 - 6:30 pm

Sponsorship Available!

Friday, May 18
  8 am - 12 pm  MHRRG Board of Directors Meeting
 Chair:  Margarita Labarta PhD

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